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 Band Feature 



Manchester's answer to the Beatles. Formed in the early 90's, featuring the now infamous Gallagher brothers, 'Guigsy' and 'Bonehead', The band first entered the charts with 'Supersonic'. Many more successes were to come as they began their assault on the UK charts with Britpop beats and ballads. They also formed a rivalry with fellow Britpoppers Blur, with Liam and Damon Albarn at each other's throats. Alan White became the new Oasis drummer shortly after the release of 'Definately Maybe'. Their best album, 'What's the Story (Morning Glory)' was released in 1995. Tracks such as 'Wonderwall' and 'Don't Look Back in Anger' inspired bands like Travis to write 'Wirting to Reach You', nicking the chords of Noel from 'Wonderwall'. Noel married Meg Matthews, and Liam married Patsy Kensit. Both Patsy and Meg had children in 1998, Noel's daughter Anais and Liam's son Lennon. They also released 'The Masterplan', a collection of B-Sides including the theme to the hit show 'Royle Family' and 'Acquiese'. In 1999, Guigsy and Bonehead left the band. They were replaced by Gem Archer and Andy Bell (Hurricane#1) and released 'Standing On The Shoulders of Giants'.
The band is now working on a new album, Liam sounding very pleased with the new material and classing it better than the Beatles' 'Revolver'. Both borthers' marriages ended, but Liam and new girl Nicole Appleton (All Saints) are expecting their first child this year.