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 New Releases 

Many new albums are anticipated this year, but here are our picks for the top spot


After the success of 'The Man Who', Travis release their 3rd album on a high. Already, the first single, 'Coming Around', hit the top spot. We think the album shall follow suit - Submitted by musicmaker


'Performance and Cocktails' and 'Word Gets Around' were strong mixtures of feel good ballads and indie style guitar solos. In a recent interview, Kelly Jones said that they 'have no intention of changing the winning formula'.
- Submitted by K.Wallace

Manic Street Preachers

The Manics are expected to release their new material sometime during the year, promised to be a return to the 'Holy Bible' days. Though many prefer the newer side of the Manics, lead singer James says 'They don't write the songs!'
- Submitted by Patricia



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