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Oasis' first single of their new album will be called 'Songbird'. Liam Gallagher is very happy with their new material, saying:

'The stuff we got now is better than the stuff on 'Revolver'


Noel Gallagher signings Proud Mary are to release their debut album The Same Old Blues on 18 June. The Manchester four-piece were signed to Gallaghers Sour Mash label earlier this year and the Oasis man finished producing the Proud Mary album immediately before jetting off to appear with Neil Young at the Rock In Rio festival. According to legend, Gallagher handed a copy of The Same Old Blues to Young, saying, "Heres something Ive just finished working on." Insiders say that "if Bob Dylan fronted Oasis and played slide guitar, hed probably come up with the track All Good Things after a while." The song is the band's new single and is released on Monday (28 May).


After first making the headlines back in 1999, when their slow-burning second album The Man Who suddenly began to attract peoples attention and subsequently ended up being one of the years best selling albums, Travis took a step back to re-evaluate their new-found fame and plan their next move. The daunting task of equalling or even bettering their recent success was clear to all, but on last nights (6 June) evidence, this is certainly not a band who are carrying the weight of the world on their shoulders. If ever you needed to see an example of a band enjoying what they do, then this was it. From the moment they launched in to current single Sing, to the dying notes of second encore track Happy, the smiling faces of each band member were there to be seen by all.

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